Behind The Article: My Research on CryptoPunks NFTs

These CryptoPunks pixels are worth more than US$100,000. Source: LarvaLabs

Key Info on CryptoPunks

As I go down this rabbit hole to research for my article, I found interesting background information on the project.

  • CryptoPunks started as an experiment.
  • The 10,000 characters were algorithmically created.
  • The project inspired the ERC-721 standard for NFTs that we know now.
  • They gave out 9,000 NFTs for free and kept 1,000 for themselves.

Takeaways from CryptoPunks

What I really enjoyed was that it truly was just an experiment. The Canadian duo repeatedly pointed out that they were merely fiddling with the possibilities.

“One of the most exciting things is that we are accessing an entirely new audience and a group of artists as well. That was very much on display in our sales over the last three days.”

Reason for Sotheby’s bold move to auction NFTs by CEO Charles Stewart

Is it art? Is it tech? Many artists are using NFTs to showcase their art, which is a deviation from what was created to be — code. It is not necessarily a good or bad thing, it was just bizarre to me.

Final Thoughts

It’s still early to decide if it is truly worth millions or just a fad.

Additional Resources

If you are interested to dig deeper, here are some resources that I used to research for my article on Cryptobbt:

1. Compilation on GitHub

This was extremely comprehensive, although the structure make it difficult to sieve through the multitude of information.

2. Mashable Article

Most research on CryptoPunks will lead you back to this article that started the hype.

3. Numerous Interviews With The Founders

I prefer reading and quoting from direct interviews instead of description of the interview. Matt Hall did quite a few of them and I frequently quoted from this article since it was aligned with the theme of my article.



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